It Ain't Easy Book
Life ain’t easy when you’re angry.Especially for a kid from the south side of Chicago……who lost his father to AIDS and drugs and his brother to gun violence.Fear, pain, and uncertainty marked the early years of TC Boyd’s life. Growing up in a single-parent home with two brothers, an absent father, and limited resources made life hard, and it made TC Boyd angry—angry enough to make some bad choices.His early decisions plunged him into a life of lust, gangs, drugs, alcohol, and violence. But despite those decisions, TC Boyd persevered through broken relationships, family conflict, and poverty to discover faith and hope that set would forever set him on a new course in life.It Ain’t Easy is a story of a life in need of redemption and renewed purpose. You’ll love this true story of overcoming the odds because it’s a classic underdog story.Get it now.